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Grasslands: Prairie Voices

Close Up

Close up Grasslands (1)-gigapixel-high fidelity v2-2x-faceai.webp

Eugene Friesen with Stan Herd

Eugene and Stan meet to listen to the prairie.
Then begin their collaboration.

The Creative Team

About to start the first concert! 
(LtoR) Stan, Gary, Paul, Connie, Eugene,1997

Close up Grasslands webp-gigapixel-high fidelity v2-2x-faceai.webp
Close up Grasslands by Constance Bonfy-gigapixel-high fidelity v2-2x.webp

Prairie Man

Prairie Man, three acre site created by Stan Herd and Winfield/Arkansas City, KS volunteers.  First concert on the prairie is show in foreground.

Winfield Regional Symphony

Conducted by Gary Gackstatter, an extraordinary talented conductor, composer, singer/songwriter, and visual artist.

Close up Grasslands-gigapixel-high fidelity v2-2x.webp
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